We are here to assist with your health journey and to recommend a healing protocol, based on the information provided.

However, ultimately we are all responsible for our own health and we can only advise and suggest protocols for you to follow. In simple terms, what we put into our bodies, will affect our health most of all.

We promote and advocate gut health- cleaning up the body’s “second brain” by following a clean diet and moderate daily exercise routine. If your gut health is compromised (candida and leaky gut) your body will not be producing the hormones and chemicals needed to function properly and you will steadily snowball into poor health. 70% of this function happens in the gut. The gut fires off messages to the brain, telling it what to do, which in turn tells the body what to do and how to function.

Your gut is also responsible for nutrient absorption through the food we eat. An unhealthy gut cannot absorb nutrients and will in turn absorb anything harmful and toxic, dumping it into the body.

Proper daily rest, lots of fresh water and keeping the body moving are also highly advisable.

When switching over to natural and organic medication, please allow your body the necessary time to adjust.

In most instances, we are attempting to undo decades of damage and deterioration in the body. Anything between 2 weeks and 3 months is normal for you to start to see positive changes. Most importantly, small doses taken consistently is how you start to shift your health. This protocol is known as microdosing.

Diet and lifestyles adjustments are also absolutely essential to good health!

Yours in green health

Team Green Cat