What makes our CBD oils different?


We use no chemicals, alcohols or ethanols in our extraction method, so we are able to keep our products affordable and within reach of all. These chemicals not only make for a toxic end product, but also pushes up the price. Keeping our product affordable, accesible and effective remains our first priority.

Safety and Purity

Our products are 100% safe, non-toxic, organic and cruelty free. They contain plant matter and organic coconut oil only. Our protocol is to leave the product as close to what mother nature intended. Nothing is removed or over processed. Everything which was in the plant is now in the oil. Our extraction method is heat and agitation by placing the raw plant matter into a botanical extractor with organic coconut and a natural binding agent.

Strength, Effectiveness and Track Record

All of our oils are full extraction which means it contains all of the cannabinoids your system needs, in the right quantities and strength. We have hundreds of customers already (human and animal) successfully using our products for a range of ailments. Many oils on the market contain very little goodness, no THC (absolutely essential for healing) and are overprocessed. Hemp and plain CBD oil are most certainly not the same as full extract cannabis oil. Make sure that you are buying the right product for it's full range of healing benefits.

Experience & Expertise

Our dedicated and professional team are fully qualified and have many decades of combined experience who have only your healing at heart.

Legal and Certified

We are one of the few companies currently operating within the parameters of the law and we are certified and accredited. We lab test our oils regularly and have test results to show. Many manufacturers do not test their products.

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