Quick FECO oil dosage guide

Our full extract cannabis oil is mixed with organic coconut oil for better absorbtion and bioavailability to body. This combination creates a slow release and the body is able to use up 70% more of the nutrients in the cannabis.

Doses can be broken up:

General health & wellness daily dose:

Diseases, illnesses, infections, epilepsy, autism, cancers or any other chronic ailment, stress, anxiety, sleeplessness, pain etc:

  • When sick, in pain, post operation, healing or any other time needed, double up the daily dose and return to normal dose once recovered.
  • Do not feel hesitant to play around with dosages, use during the day or as and when needed. You cannot overdose and there are no side effects or residue which will remain in the body.
  • To administer, get oil back to liquid state by dropping bottle or jar in hot water.
  • Place under the tongue for 60 seconds before bedtime
  • Warm oil up slightly and drop 1ml into the belly button for the pechoti method
  • Place in food or warm drink such as tea or coffee
  • Place in syringe directly into the mouth for children and animals
  • Please be patient and consistent with the use of your oil. Small daily doses is how we start to shift our health and promote homeostasis in the body. There is no quick fix to health and wellness. It takes conscious daily effort.
  • There are no side effects and taking the oil will not interfere or compromise any other medication or treatment you may be using.
  • Coming off pharmaceutical medication needs to be done slowly and with the assistance of natural medications. Allow your body a period of at least 3- 6 months to adjust.
  • Your thoughts, emotions, surroundings  and state of mind also play a vital role in your health. Be mindful of these and practice self-care at all times.
  • We have no doubt that with regular use, together with diet and lifestyle adjustments if needed, you will soon start to reap the benefits and rewards of switching to green health!

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